I lost my mother when I was two years old. It is the largest obstacle I have had in my life, and it will continue to be. Her death has made me both weaker and stronger. Growing up, no one really talked about it with me. I felt like a burden on my family and friends because no one really wants to talk about death. I never did come across any other girls or women who had lost their mothers, and I felt so alone. I knew there were other women out there who had lost their mothers, and I confirmed this by reading Hope Edelman's two bestselling books, Motherless Daughters: The Legacy of Loss and Motherless Daughters: Words of Courage, Grief, and Healing, in high school. These books brought me such comfort and assured me my feelings of anger, sadness and depression were valid and, most of all, shared. I was inspired to start the web site in the hopes that it would reach many other motherless daughters out there, worldwide, looking for the support I was. The Internet seemed like the best way to reach as many women as possible at any given time.

Death is a process and you never fully get 'over' it or even accept it. This site was created to give motherless women, or even men, a place to unite, discuss, comfort and learn. If there is one less motherless person we can make feel comforted, we have done our job. On the site you can read my story, read other motherloss stories, read articles, find links, and best of all, talk amongst other motherless daughters in the forums. You can ask questions, seek advice, post stories, memories or anything else you feel will help you or someone else deal with the process of mother loss. In a sense, this site can provide some people with a way to cope.

We have all lost loved ones. But the loss of a mother is a unique one, whether you have lost your mother to death or by any other means. A mother is irreplaceable. The bonds we form with our mothers are unlike the bonds we form with anyone else. It is a universal assumption that a mother's love is something everyone requires for survial. There are no possible surrogates, only alternate supports. The void can never truly be filled. Connecting with other motherless daughters, though, provides me with the understanding I need in order to go on. I hope this site helps other women out there discover that they are certainly not alone and that although her mother's death will always be an obstacle, reaching out to others who can relate can be one of the most helpful and comforting things in the world.

Project Director,
A.E. Cox

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